Tarkett Project – AZ Nikollas – Belgium

The hospital has deliberately opted for Tarkett flooring because it is very easy to clean and maintain.

“Two years and 6 months after a start was made with the first demolition work, the new building at AZ Nikolaas Campus Beveren was completed. It was officially inaugurated on 17 March 2016.
Other buildings of AZ Nikolaas have had Tarkett’s PVC flooring much longer. The hospital decided to lay Tarkett flooring for this new-build project as well. There are few products that can equal the iQ range when it comes to ease of maintenance and cleaning.
Why is this?
Most other flexible floor coverings require a special protective layer. However, this coating wears quickly due to the heavy load in a care environment. Without this coating flooring quickly becomes vulnerable and absorbs moisture and dirt that are difficult to remove. The floor has to be polished again, but first the remains of the previous coating have to be removed, and then the floor has to dry out; it is almost impossible to do all this in a hospital.
The Tarkett iQ range has a lifelong polish-free guarantee and this means significant savings.
In Beveren Tarkett went even further. Emergency pictograms were also made (by Tarkett’s Floorcraft service), such as an emergency exit and a fire extinguisher and these were incorporated into the flooring everywhere. “