Concrete & Ferum Series

Over the years, Tarkett’s vinyl floorings have been the leading choice for architects and facility owners to design inspirational and high performance interior environments. Whether in schools, health and aged care facilities or other public buildings, the needs of teachers and children, or staff and patients create a range of operational, social, economic and environmental challenges all of which impact how spaces are designed and built.

Excellence is Tarkett’s new heterogeneous vinyl collection created with a holistic approach to the
fundamental concepts of project design: colour and coordination, integrated finishing, functional performance, eco-design. The result is a wall-tofloor approach designed for the evolving needs of
educational, healthcare, and especially aged care settings.

Tarkett Structure

Tarkett Features

19 dB Impact Sound Reduction

Less in-room noise and less fatique

Stable Construction with improved impact resistance

Low rolling resistance for wheel chairs, trolleys, and hospital bed

6% shock absorption

Higher energy restitution for better walking comfort

Class A (Ln,e,w < 65 dB) walking sound

Limited rolling trolley noise in aged care facilities and better learning conditions in schools

Excellent resistance

with TopClean XP™ surface treatment

Low TVOC < 10 µg/m3

100 times lower than the strictest standard in Europe

Tarkett Types



Cool Grey

Warm Grey

Grey Beige

Dark Brown

Dark Grey



Dark Grege

Tarkett Ferum Steel Blue

Steel Blue

Light Beige

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Custom Printing

Exclusive motif with your company brand on vinyl Tarkett? You got it!
With our latest technology, now you can have your uniq design printed on vinyl Tarkett

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